About Clínica Vita

Clínica Vita is a clinic in Playa del Inglés (Gran Canaria) with 24-hour service. Founded in the year 2007, Clínica Vita was located in Edificio Mercurio for many years . In November 2017 it moved to the new facilities at SUN CLUB. Clínica Vita's owner and medical director is Dra. Valentina Mateo Delgado. Specializing in family and emergency medicine, she obtained expert knowledge in more than 25 years of medical work in private clinics, emergency centers and specialist geriatric clinics.

In the light-flooded rooms of Clínica Vita, Dra. Valentina Mateo Delgado and her team provide a comprehensive medical service. With the help of modern equipment highly qualified doctors take care of the patients' well-being. Thanks to the translation service, patients without knowledge of the Spanish language can feel well cared for, too. Clínica Vita is cooperation partner of Hospitales San Roque. If hospital treatment is required, patients will be referred there directly.

The clinic's rooms at SUN CLUB are located at ground level and provide easy access for disabled persons. Free parking is available nearby.

The prime objective of Clínica Vita's team is to bring about a speedy recovery so that you can fully enjoy your stay in Gran Canaria!


Dra. Valentina Mateo Delgado-Director Médico de Clínica Vita

General information

Clínica Vita is a private clinic in Playa del Inglés that provides medical services and offers a 24-hour on-call service. The doctor’s surgery is open from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00. The Clínica Vita medical team is available for urgent care by phone at +34 628 331 068, 24 hours a day, to treat you in case of urgent health issues that cannot wait, for example:

• high fever (especially in children)
• severe pain (head, back, stomach, limbs ...)
• frequent vomiting
• Diarrhea that has been persisting for some time
• minor cuts
• bleeding wounds that require medical attention

The urgent care service should not be confused with the emergency medical service, which provides help in life-threatening cases. In acute, life-threatening emergencies, please do not lose any time! Immediately dial the european emergency telephone number 112! Your call will be routed to an emergency call center where English is understood. From there you will receive the necessary help, for example an ambulance to take you to the hospital or a specialist in emergency medicine.

The Rescue Service (112) is responsible among other things for the following symptoms:

• unconsciousness or considerable clouding of consciousness
• severe disorders of the respiratory system
• severe heart problems
• acute bleeding
• Accidents suspected of serious injury

Clínica Vita is a medical center partner of Hospitales San Roque Meloneras. This hospital has agreements with various international health insurance companies.

Even in the touristic areas of Gran Canaria pharmacies are open on weekdays only. At night, on weekends and public holidays there is an emergency pharmacy service. To find out which pharmacy is on duty, just go to www.coflp.org.guardias.php. If you enter the date and select the appropriate municipality (San Bartolomé de Tirajana = Playa del Inglés, Maspalomas, Meloneras, San Agustín, Bahía Feliz), you will be shown the pharmacy on duty after clicking on "Buscar Farmacias".

Clínica Vita is a private clinic. There are no international health insurance agreements, so you'll need to pay your bill on site. If you have completed a private travel health insurance, you can submit the bill to your insurance company after your trip. As a rule, the costs are reimbursed. The national health insurances in european countries usually refund only part of the costs.

If you would like to take advantage of free spanish health care, you can contact a state-run Centro de Salud (for example in Maspalomas) with your european health insurance card. There you will be assigned a doctor (you cannot choose the doctor). Please note that usually the staff at a Centro de Salud speak only Spanish and that there is no translation service.